Financial Divorce Planning

Financial Divorce Planning

Serving Families of Richmond, Sugar Land & Fort Bend County TX

Divorce proceedings can last months, even years. It drains you mentally and emotionally and after dealing with attorneys and negotiations for so long, you just want the divorced finalized once and for all. The Van Slyke & Kestler Law Firm understands your eagerness to move on with your life but hasty, unsound decisions can cost you dearly. Our firm is here to advise you through your divorce and ensure you don’t make any concessions you normally wouldn’t.

Our attorneys are proud to provide expert legal counsel to families of Richmond, Sugar Land and Fort Bend County, TX. Below are some suggestions as to how you can secure a strong financial future for you and your family.

Do Not Hand Over More Than What Is Fair

Stressful, drawn-out divorce proceedings affect your emotional state and can cause you to agree to a less-than-equitable split of the assets. Don’t let your weariness prevent you from obtaining a fair share and seek out the help of a trusted financial advisor to emerge from the divorce financially secure.

Make No Assumptions About Debts & Financial Assets

Obtain the most current statements available pertaining to your debts and financial assets. If your spouse agrees to assume certain debt, be sure to remove your name from the account. If you are granted funds from a pension plan or other investment, find out how much money is in the account and when you can withdraw it.

Do Not Overindulge Your Children

Indulgent gifts for your children to make up for the guilt you feel over the divorce can ruin your new, smaller budget. Tracking your spending habits and keeping to a budget is more important than ever following a divorce. Focus on spending time with your children, helping them cope emotionally, and securing a fair child visitation order that does what’s best for them.

Look at the Big Picture

Maintaining short-term luxuries after a divorce can hurt you in the long run. If you once lived on two incomes or let your spouse handle the finances, you may not have an accurate picture of what your new budgetary needs will be. If you want to achieve financial stability for the long run, it’s necessary to set a realistic budget and try to downsize your expenses.

The Van Slyke & Kestler Law Firm has the connections and knowledge to assist you with all of your financial concerns throughout the divorce process. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.