Divorce Planning

Divorce Planning

Divorce Lawyer in Richmond & Sugar Land TX

Whether it’s a cordial decision or not, divorce results in negative effects for everyone involved. If you or a loved one is thinking about filing for a divorce, having a carefully thought out plan can ease the process and help you avoid further stress, worry and difficulties. Located in Richmond and Sugar Land, TX, the Van Slyke & Kestler Law Firm can put you in the best position to achieve your goals and minimize repercussions.

When planning a divorce, make decisions while in a clear state of mind and try to avoid advice from friends and family. While it’s easier to feel angry towards the other side, it can be helpful to try and keep lines of communication open. Peaceful conversations and cooperation can lead to a reasonable settlement.

Divorce litigation can potentially take years, so in some circumstances, cases are lost outside of the courtroom because a client becomes impatient and doesn’t stick to their goals. If a court must decide the case, it’s because the parties involved have lost control of their options.

The following documents will help during your initial consultation:

Tax returns for the last three years, including W-2s

Bank account statements for the last 12 mos.

Retirement account statements for the last 12 mos.

A list of assets and liabilities

Current paycheck stubs for the past 2 mos.

For divorce planning services you can trust, contact the Van Slyke & Kestler Law Firm today. We focus primarily on family law and know how to deal with asset division, spousal maintenance, and child visitation in Richmond and Sugar Land, TX.