Child Custody

Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyer in Richmond & Sugar Land TX

The Van Slyke & Kestler Law Firm has represented many clients throughout Fort Bend County, TX in child custody cases, helping them obtain primary custody/conservatorship of their child or children. Lester Van Slyke Jr., Michelle R. Kestler, and their staff understand how vital proper advice and guidance can be in giving our clients a greater chance of being granted child visitation or custody of their children.

In Texas, child custody laws may be assigned in one of three ways:

Joint managing conservatorship allows both parents to have a greater say regarding decisions to be made regarding their children.

Sole possessory conservatorship is assigned to non-custodial parents and allows them the right to care for and make decisions for their children during regularly scheduled visits.

Sole managing conservatorship provides custodial parents with the sole rights to designate the primary residence for the children and to make medical, religious, and educational decisions on behalf of their children.

Joint managing conservatorship is the preferred child custody arrangement in Texas. However, in cases where violence, mental instability or irresponsible behavior may impact the welfare of minors, the courts can order sole managing conservatorship to one parent.

Other factors that may affect court custody decisions include:

Expressed preferences of children over 12 years of age

Perceived and demonstrated maturity and responsibility by the parent

The physical, emotional, and psychological needs of the minor children

Previous involvement in the rearing of the children prior to the divorce or separation agreement

Child custody laws are complex and depend on the specific situations of the divorcing parents. Our firm provides highly-qualified counsel to help you navigate the intricacies of custody law in Texas. We’ll go above and beyond to protect your rights as a parent and ensure the welfare of your child is protected during the emotionally draining legal proceedings.

At the Van Slyke & Kestler Law Firm, we specialize in family law and divorce matters, and understand the heartache and stress that comes with these cases. Call upon our experts today to find out how we can help you gain custody of your child or children. Contact us to schedule a consultation or learn more about our services.